I am driven to create positive social impact for our people, our society, and our planet. I love supporting awesome humans and organisations to thrive and find true health in their work. I know the processes of dreaming big and aligning around a vision, and I know how to drive the details to help people do their best work – whether its building software, running events or designing and hosting immersive educational experiences.






  • Founder – I can spot a need and create an opportunity around it. I have founded a tech company, kick started new conferences, educational programmes and public-private partnerships. I have been part of the founding community of Enspiral since 2011.
  • Governance – I sit on two boards: Lifehack Ltd and Enspiral Foundation Ltd. Additionally I currently hold governance roles for the Low Carbon Challenge and Dev Academy.
  • Organisation Design & Development – I have restructured three organisations and built up three organisations from scratch. I understand the challenges and opportunities of working in organisations that don’t follow the norm and I love exploring how an organisation can truly serve it’s people.
  • Public Speaking – I am a confident public speaker and MC. I have given lectures at Universities, spoken at national and international conferences. I can speak to both a community and a corporate audience.


  • Financial Management – I am confident managing money. In 2017 I held the financial oversight for four organisations – both budget setting, tax management, financial reporting and overall financial accountably. I have also managed large scale event budgets.
  • Event Management – I have organised large scale conferences and multi month education programmes. I know the logistics, budgets, partnership development and marketing of making great events happen. I love designing the programme and run sheets to create seamless, magical experiences for everyone involved.
  • Facilitation – I can host and MC 500 people conferences and festivals, and I’m also confident facilitating team meetings and retreats. I can add huge value to strategy days and organisational development processes.
  • Youth Work and mentoring – I worked for three years for an international youth organisation based out of Switzerland. In New Zealand I have mentored various youth programmes such as Live the Dream and Orientation Aotearoa.
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